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Disability Services

An Accessible University

Disability Services supports the ongoing development of an accessible university that embraces diversity through educational programming, 服务, resources and facilities that are usable by all members of the campus community.



Disability Services 常见问题解答

Faculty and Staff Information


Testing Proctor Sheet

It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to return the completed proctor sheet to the Disability Service Testing Center in the 澳门新葡京app官网下载中心 地图上的位置 (CLC) 107 a minimum of 5 BUSINESS DAYS prior to test administration. Students in the Mary Black School of Nursing should use the MBSON Proctor Sheet.

Disability Services Proctor Sheet PDF文档 Download
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How to Fill Out a Proctor Sheet


We encourage all students with disabilities to register with our office in order to take full advantage of their 澳门新葡新京葡京app educational opportunities. To register, click the button below and send any pertinent documentation you may have.  Once you have completed your application and submitted your documentation, please contact Disability Services to set up an appointment with a member of our staff.

Typical 住宿 provided by our office include:

  • Extended Time for Tests
  • Reduced Distraction Environment for Tests
  • Alternative format Textbooks
  • 屏幕放大镜
  • 盲文
  • Text to Speech software
  • Others are Available according to Individual Need


How to Fill Out the Online Application


学术指导 is available to all students registered with Disability Services. Some of the topics covered include the following: time management, academic prioritization, effective reading skills, note-taking skills, 还有考试焦虑. Please contact our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Phone: 864-503-5199 Email: dsinfo@ndzt.net.


Accessibility Check

If you would like Disability Services to check the accessibility of a document, video, or other course content, please fill out the Accessibility Check Request Form.

Accessibility Check Request

The 住宿 Process

Once you've registered, please review our 住宿 过程.

If you do not have documentation, please utilize the following forms:

Medical Verification Form PDF图标图像

Special Housing Accommodation PDF图标图像