Student, Orientation, 深思熟虑, and registration

Welcome to 澳门新葡新京葡京app, New Spartans! 

As you begin or continue your college journey at 澳门新葡新京葡京app, 我们的学生导向, Advisement and Registration (SOAR) programs will help you every step of the way.

  • Get academic information and learn about 澳门新葡新京葡京app resources and services 之前 beginning classes.
  • Meet with an advisor to determine the best courses for you to take.
  • 新生迎新领导 will help you register for classes.
  • 转学生? A faculty advisor in your major will be ready to discuss your transcript evaluation with you.

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How to register for orientation:

  1. Make sure you have: (If you need help with any of the below please go to "开始与上州科技公司合作.)
  2. Click on the applicable student tab below.  选择立即注册, 选择专业, select the date you would like to attend and complete the form.

If you need to reset your 澳门新葡新京葡京app password you will need to know your 澳门新葡新京葡京app username and have set up your phone 或电子邮件 as a recovery option. Find more information about to 重置密码.



To ensure you are placed into the appropriate courses, Upstate requires new students in certain majors to complete a set of online placement tests through the Blackboard account. 

如果你的专业是 one of the majors below and you have 不 successfully completed a college level Algebra or Calculus course C或C以上 or scored 3 or higher on a Calculus AP course, you 必须 比如数学分班测试 之前 参加定向.

Accounting, Advanced Manufacturing 管理, Biology, Chemistry, Child Development & 家庭研究, 社区卫生, 计算机信息系统, 计算机科学, 网络安全, 幼儿教育, 经济/金融, 小学教育, 工程技术, 管理, 创业 & 创新, 运动科学, 卫生信息学, Health 信息管理, 信息管理 & Systems, Learning Disabilities, Logistics & 供应链管理, 管理, 市场营销, 数学, 心理学, 中学教育-生物, 化学, 和数学

Anatomy-Physiology Placement Test
如果你的专业是 运动科学, Nursing, or Pre-Physical Therapy 你有 successfully completed a college level anatomy-physiology course, you 必须 complete the anatomy-physiology placement test 之前 你参加迎新会.

World Language Placement Test
Students can also be permitted, 要求, to take the World Language Placement Test to determine appropriate course levels in French, 德国, 和西班牙语. 讲本族语的人, legacy speakers or students with advanced language skills in these languages, may place out of the introductory language requirement by completing the placement test. For more information on taking language placement tests please contact Languages, 文学, 及组成



If you believe you are a South Carolina resident, you 必须 complete the SC 住院医生实习期 Certification Form in 自助服务卡罗莱纳 in order to qualify for in-state tuition and fees. For more information visit the Next Steps page.

The resources below are in PDF forrmat


Please print, complete and bring these forms with you to Orientation.


Citizenship Verification Form 


Feel free to review these resources 之前 and after orientation.


To register, select the student type tab below that applies to you.

  • 第一次上大学 (age 20 or younger)
    All new freshman students uner the age of 20 are required to attend one of our orientation, 深思熟虑 and registration programs. Dates are offered according to your intended major. 请查看 新生迎新常见问题


  • 转移s and Non-Traditional Freshmen (age 21 and older)
    转移方向, 深思熟虑, and registration is designed specifically for students transferring to 澳门新葡新京葡京app from other institutions. OAR is an opportunity to learn everything you will need to prepare yourself for your first semester at 澳门新葡新京葡京app, including information about campus services and organizations, 金融援助, 以及费用支付. For more information, check out the  迁移导向常见问题解答


  • As an international student at 澳门新葡新京葡京app, you are also required to attend orientation. If you are a freshman student, you will register for and attend 一年级. Otherwise, you will register for and attend 转移方向. Within these orientation programs, a special session is held for international students to help you get better situated at 澳门新葡新京葡京app.

  • Orientation for high school dual enrollment students is coming up so stay connected! 


我们没有忘记你. We will provide information on our website and through email to help your student get off to a good start. 呼叫 864-503-5246 或电子邮件 if you have questions or concerns.